If far off objects appear blurry to you, you may have some level of myopia, also known as nearsightedness. The best way to overcome challenges associated with myopia is to talk to an experienced eye doctor. Our eye doctor in Farmington will conduct a thorough eye exam and help you determine the best vision correction option for you. Burd's Eye View PC It's proud to serve clients throughout the Farmington area, including Park Hill, Fredericktown, Bonne Terre, and Desloge, MO.


Understanding Myopia

Myopia causes a person’s distance vision to be blurry. If you can’t see clearly at a distance, but you can still see close objects clearly, you might have this common condition. If you struggle with distance vision, you are not alone. Myopia typically develops during childhood when the eyeball elongates. This causes light entering the eye to focus ahead of the retina, preventing a clear image from forming. Common symptoms of myopia include eye strain, headaches, and poor distance vision. Our optometrist in Farmington can help you manage your myopia.

Myopia Treatment from Our Eye Doctor in Farmington

Our eye doctor near you can help you manage your myopia and protect your vision. Whether you choose eyeglasses or contacts or opt for laser eye surgery, there are many ways to restore your visual acuity.

Optometrists provide eye care for myopia and other refractive errors in a number of ways. Corrective lenses can compensate for the effects of an elongated eye. If wearing eyeglasses proves inconvenient, you can switch to contact lenses designed for those with myopia. In some cases, we may recommend wearing contacts that temporarily reshape your cornea overnight so that you can see clearly during the day.

LASIK and Refractive Surgery

LASIK surgery permanently adjusts the shape of a person’s cornea to correct for refractive vision errors. It's important to wait until the eyes have a chance to fully develop prior to performing laser surgery. This will help eliminate the need for eyeglasses and contacts later in life. Feel free to set up a consultation with our optometrist to determine whether you’re a good fit for LASIK surgery.

Importance of Annual Eye Exams

Annual eye exams allow for early detection of myopia and other conditions that impact your vision or eye health. This typically leads to better outcomes in terms of when and how well your eyes recover or how much of your vision is preserved. When was the last time you came in for an eye exam?

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